Soedjajadi Keman

Soejajadi, usually called Keman, is a professor of Environmental Health at the Faculty of Public Health Universitas Airlangga. He was inaugurated as a professor in 2007 with a scientific oration entitled “Kesehatan Lingkungan Sebagai Determinan Strategis Peningkatan Derajat Kesehatan Masyarakat” (Environmental Health as A Strategic Determinant for the Improvement of Public Health). The title “professor” indirectly brings greater responsibility to deepen and develop his expertise so that people can benefit from it. Keman completed his undergraduate study at the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga. Keman, born in Surabaya, took his masters program at the Faculty of Public Health Universitas Airlangga. He began his teaching career here. He then pursued his doctoral degree at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. There, Prof. Keman learned how to maximize every opportunity to study and do research well. His areas of expertise include environmental epidemiology and environmental toxicology. Environmental epidemiology is the study of environmental factors affecting the distribution of an illness, a diagnostic tool for health sciences. This is the basic science that is used to detect early changes at the DNA level taken from the surrounding environment.

This science is also used to investigate the causes of a disease, to identify trends of a disease that may require medical or public health services, to and evaluate the medical and public health interventions. Meanwhile, Environmental Toxicology is the study of the toxins in the environment in which the performance of the toxins is then studied in a laboratory. Since there are a lot of toxins in the environment, they certainly affect health. Keman has conducted several studies in places such as rice mills and wood processing mills which produce dusts that contain many particles that can disrupt breathing. With his expertise, Keman wants to make sure that what goes inside the human body can be guaranteed of its cleanliness. This man, who once was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Public Health of Universitas Airlangga, often conducts research in several factories. His research deals with the detection of the condition of the environment and its relation with toxins.



Place and Date of Birth :

Surabaya, 15 March 1952

Email :

:soedja_keman@ fkm.

Phone :

+62 811-344-203

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate program, Universitas Airlangga
  2. Masters program, Universitas Airlangga
  3. Doctoral Program, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Research Areas :
  1. Environmental Epidemiology
  2. Environmental Toxicolog
Association Mmbership:
  1. Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (Indonesian Medical Doctor Association)
  2. Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (The Indonesian Public Health Association)
  3. Perhimpunan Dokter Kesehatan Kerja (Occupational Health Doctor Association)
  4. Evironmental Health Specialist Association (Indonesian EHSA)
Books :
  1. M Biomarkers of Chronic Non Specific Airway Diseases : An Application of Molecular Epidemiology in Occupational Settings
  2. MetodePendugaanPencemaran Air denganIndikatorBiologis. 1997
  3. PenelitianEpidemiologiLingkungan. 2013
  4. Metode Sampling danPenentuanBesarSampel (2015)

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