Samirah, S.Si., Apt, SpFRS focuses on research in Clinical Pharmacy. In dr. Soetomo hospital, Samirah has conducted furosemide therapy efficacy research on heart failure patients. Furosemide is diuretics used on heart failure patients to eliminate excessive liquid manifested as pulmonary edama or peripheral. Commonly, heart failure patients suffer from excessive liquid because of weak heart pump. That condition causes unwell distributed liquid. Samirah found efficacy of diuretical therapy through the use of injection compared to infusion. From her finding, infusion causes more urine volume compared to injection. Hence, edema of heart failure patients will be fast. Nowadays, the use of Social Security Provider (BPJS), in which everything is measured by its capacity, started from expenses to therapy efficacy. Samira believes in efficacy and therapy expense used in this therapy. Currently, Samirah focuses on developing bio material. It is because all this time bio material needs to be imported from abroad. She is conducting resarch related to bio material as drug delivery system. Bio material will be produced as medicine carrier and bone filler. Her research is studying about producing bio material for osteoporosis.

Issue of circulation of fake vaccines and medicines, Samirah realizes that pharmacist has advanced role in this problem. Medicine and food materials circulated in society is under authority of Indonesian Food and Drug Agency (BPOM) which is occupied by pharmacists. Related to her past five year research, Samirah has produced 13 research papers. One of them was published in 2016 by funding from Excellent Research of Higher Education. She conducted research entitled, “Injektabel komposit bovine hydroxyapatite-gelatin sebagai sistem penghantaran alendronat dan bone filter pada celah tulang akibat osteoporosis.” Furthermore, she did at least 13 community service in these five years alone. One of them is, “IbM Lansia Penderita Diabetes Melitus” in 2015. (*)


Place and Date of Birth :

Surabaya, 20 April 1980

Email :

Phone :

: 031-5033710 / 0315020514

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate program, Universitas Airlangga
  2. Master Program, Universitas Airlangga
Teaching Experience: :
  1. Pharmacokinetics Practical Work Pharmacotherapy
  2. Tutorial Pharmacotherapy PBL Pharmaceutical Service
  1. Modul CPD Farmakoterapi Pneumonia, 2013, AUP
  2. Perolehan Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Penggunaan Rimpang Laos (Alpinia galanga) sebagai bahan Anti ketombe

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