Retna Apsari

As a professor in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Retna Apsari has conducted studies in the field of bio-optics and laser application. Studies in the fields are believed to have many advantages for industrial application, diagnosis, and body treatment. Optics is an analysis study of light propagation or photon when it passes through a medium. Optics, in particular bio-optics (Photonics), is a field of study which requires integration between theoretical fields (of physics and mathematics), computation and applications (optical, information technology, electro-optic), intelligent systems and optical imaging. Laser can be used to perform cancer treatment with minimum side effect. This is because the ray can selectively and more accurately scan cancer cells with some interaction mechanisms. Laser can also be used to grind dental caries. It can also be used for thermal therapy applied in the field of physiotherapy as one of bio-stimulation media. The ray even has the potential to be applied in the field of animal husbandry, for example, using laser ray in stimulation technique, which can accelerate cattle and other farm animals fattening. The main point is that knowledge in laser is extensive and continuously developing. Indeed, it takes many steps to reach excellence.

This includes building good network with industry and other universities in Indonesia and abroad. By doing so, the hope of becoming a World Class University can be achieved more easily. Retna has been collaborating with international partners from University of Malaya, Malaysia, Ehime University Matsuyama, Japan, and University of Technology, Malaysia. Faculty of Vocational Education has three departments, namely business, engineering, and health department. Retna points out that all the disciplines can be synergized to work together because the faculty is a complete package of sciences. Graduates of the faculty from all departments have equal opportunity to succeed in the workplace. They are guaranteed to have decent careers in the future. UNAIR reputation guarantees the quality of graduates. As a professor, Retna has been doing extensive studies. Since 1993 she has published 33 research articles. In 2015, for example, Retna wrote Terapi Fotodinamik Laser Merah untuk Percepatan Apoptosis Sel Kanker dengan Variasi Eksogen Fotosensitizer.


Place and Date of Birth :

Pacitan, 26 Juni 1968

Email :

Phone :

+62 31 5033869, 31 5053156

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Study at Universitas Brawijaya
  2. Masters Program at Universitas
  3. Gadjah Mada Doctoral Program at Universitas Airlangga
Organization Membership :
  1. Indonesian Physical Association (HFI)
  2. Environmental Study Group at Faculty of Sciences and Technology UNAIR
  3. Indonesian Optics Association (HOI)
  4. Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Informatika dan Komputer (APTIKOM) Surabaya
  5. Association of Indonesian Vocational Higher Education since 2014
  6. Association of Indonesian Educational Institution of Biomedical Engineering (AIPTBI)
Publication :
  1. Development of Lung Cancer Classification System for Computer Tomography Images Using Artificial Neural Network (2016)
  2. Determination of Infrared Laser Energy Dose for Cancer Cells Inactivation as Photodynamic Therapy (2016)
  3. Speckle Imaging of Human Teeth Using Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser for Fuzzy Based Enamel Quality Classification (2016)

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