Nur Wulan

Dra. Nur Wulan, M.A., PhD, specifically, has an interest in masculinities studies or norms of masculinity. Masculinities studies are concerned with the concept of maleness in society and its representation in literature. The representation of masculinity in literature that she has been studying is especially related to children and youth literature ‘Masculinity’ and ‘children and youth literature’ are two important entities. Children literature is usually connected to its role as a means to educate. Meanwhile, adult literature is more than just to educate, which is to break the norm or offer subversive values. In general what is in the children and youth literature reflects norms which are considered to be more ideal by a society. She decided to choose masculinities studies because in the field of gender inquiry there are not many studies that examine masculinity. Studies on gender which have widely been addressed are studies on feminism or the norms of femaleness. Meanwhile, studies on male representation in literature are limited. Therefore, she chose to study masculinity in children and youth literature in Indonesia for her dissertation. In the global academic world, discussions on masculinity developed in 1980s, pioneered by figures from the northern part of the world. Thus information and data of the studies on masculinity were mostly from the studies of Western male representation. In Indonesia, however, this area has not been much studied.

She believes this is a great opportunity to explore the area and it may help us to understand Indonesian males. To support her expertise, Nur Wulan has been an active member of two international associations namely American Men’s Studies Association and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Consortium. In the associations she has plenty of opportunities to share ideas with the other academicians with the same research interests all over the world. Most of the members of the association are people of the northern part of the world. Therefore, she has many opportunities to contribute to the field by sharing her knowledge of masculinity with the academicians from many parts of the world. In turn, this can contribute more diverse and balanced knowledge about masculinity, not only that dominated by Western masculinity. Embracing this knowledge, Nur Wulan wants to broaden society’s horizon for balanced knowledge about masculinity and femininity (*)



Place and Date of Birth :

Malang, 19 December 1970

Email :

Phone :

+62 31 5035676, +62 31 5035807

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Study at Universitas Airlangga
  2. Masters Program at Auckland University
  3. Doctoral Program at University of Sydney
Courses taught :
  1. Southeast Asian Studies
  2. Children’s Literature
  3. Theory of Literature II
  4. Independent Studies on Literature
  5. Advanced Theory of Literature Australian Studies
  6. Advanced Theory of Literature Youth Culture
  7. Children’s Literature
  8. Discourse Analysis
  9. Literary Criticism
  10. Children’s Literature
  11. Comparative Study on Literature
  12. Southeast Asian Studies
  13. Literary Criticism
  14. Theory of Literature
  15. Children’s Literature
  16. English Prose
Research Interests :
  1. Masculinity studies
  2. Gender
  3. Children’s literature
Association Mmbership:
  1. American Men’s Studies Association
  2. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Consortium

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