Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih

Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, Dra., MSi., Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga, is a strong-willed woman who is eager to explore natural resources in Indonesia. This is by studying the enzyme using agricultural waste experiencing a wide variety of natural processes. One of the results of her research is the development of an enzyme later named Excelzyme. Her bio product creations produce recycled paper with high quality standards set. This bio product is then patented by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in 2011. Her academic career began when she took Chemistry as her major in Undergraduate Study at Universitas Airlangga, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It was when she steeped in a lot of things, one of them was Biochemistry. Over the years, she continued her studies for Master degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung to learn more about Biochemistry. Meanwhile, in-depth application of her master’s studies was implemented when she was taking her doctoral studies at Institut Pertanian Bogor. She believed it was in her doctoral years that she could emphasize the application of her knowledge. Born in Pangkalpinang, she was officially inaugurated as professor in 2010. At this moment she delivered a speech about the role of Proteomics in Excelzyme Development Industry in 2010.

Research that she has conducted since 2001 implies contributions from many parties supporting her studies including a study group of Proteomics, Institute of Tropical Disease. Even now, she is still active in developing her knowledge with the group. Initially, she thought about various types of microorganisms or living biotas surrounding hot water springs with regard to the Excelzyme bio product. Later, she thought of using enzymes which are resistant to high temperatures. These enzymes are definitely required for industries especially those using heating process. The use of the enzyme can reduce the use of chemicals, such as in paper mills. Bioproduct Excelzyme has already had three variations, namely Excelzyme 1, Excelzyme 2, and Excelzyme 3.(*)



Place and Date of Birth :

Pangkalpinang, 15 June 1963

Email :


Phone :


Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate program, Universitas Airlangga
  2. Masters program, Institut Teknologi Bandung
  3. Doctoral program, Institut Pertanian Bogor
Research Areas :
  1. Industrial Enzymes
  2. Organic Chemistry
Association Membership:
  1. Chair of the Journal of Mathematics and Science (MIPA), Faculty of MIPA, Universitas Airlangga
  2. Editor for the Journal of Mathematics and Science (MIPA), Faculty of MIPA, Universitas Airlangga
  3. Part Time Editor for the Journal of Microbiology Indonesia (Bogor), Hayati Journal of Biosciences (PBISurabaya) and Indonesia Chimica Acta (ITS Surabaya).
  4. Part Time Reviewer for International Journals Steering Committee for AUN Asean University Network Member of Indonesian Protein Society (IPS)
Books :
  1. Potential of Phytase Enzymes as Biocatalysts for Improved Nutritional Value of Rice Bran for Broiler Feed (2014)

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