Dwi Windyastuti

Dwi Budi Widyastuti Hendarti, often addressed as Dwi, has been dealing with political science since 1989, particularly the one with genderrelated issues. Born in Makassar on September 27, 1961, this woman earned her undergraduate degree from the Department of Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1985. This was the time when she actively produced some writings in journals discussing issues of gender politics. Dwi completed her master degree on Political Science from Universitas Indonesia in 1990. In 1996, she returned to Universitas Gadjah Mada to continue her study for a doctoral degree. Because of her passion to examine the issues of gender politics, she frequently conducted some related research back then. Initiated by the Research Institute of Universitas Airlangga and Regional Development Planning Board of Surabaya (BAPPEDA), one of the studies conducted was “Profil Peningkatan Peranan dan Posisi Wanita di Kota Surabaya” (1997). In 2010, she conducted another research which became the most monumental for her. Together with a team consisting of several lecturers from Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, she studied “Perempuan dan Pilkada di Jawa Timur dan Sulawesi Utara” fully funded by the USAID agency. She believes the importance of studying gender politics is as a mean of educating people to minimize gender inequality.

This former Vice Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitas Airlangga also wants to educate her students in the course of Gender Politics as her contribution on this field, as well as to provide information to the public through seminars. She is actively expressing her ideas in several scientific journals. Some of them are “Pemberdayaan Perempuan dalam Proses Politik” published by the Center for Womens Studies of Universitas Airlangga in the Journal of Women (1993), “Pengaruh Sosialisasi Gender Pada Perempuan Kelas Menengah terhadap Kesadaran Politik” (Journal of Society, 2001), “Representasi Politik Perempuan: Advokasi Kebijakan Perlindungan Perempuan” (Journal of Society, 2013) and many more. Her articles can be found in many media. Meanwhile, in the past five years, she has published three books entitled “Kandidasi Perempuan di Sulut dan Jawa Timur” (2010), “Politik Gender dan Demokrasi” (2011) and “Partisipasi Politik Perempuan” (2013). She also has also been involved with policy making process for the community. (*



Place and Date of Birth :

Makassar, 27 September 1961

Email :


Phone :

: (+62)315034015/ (+62)81331214910

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Program, Universitas Gadjah Mada
  2. Master Program, Universitas Indonesia
  3. Doctoral Program, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Courses Taught: :
  1. Western Political Thought Gender
  2. Politics and Democracy
  3. Political Party and Government System
  4. Good Governance Qualitative Analysis in Political Science
  5. Analysis Quantitative in Political Science
Books :
  1. Kandidasi Perempuan di Sulut dan Jawa Timur (2010), Politik
  2. Gender dan Demokrasi (2011)
  3. Partisipasi Politik Perempuan (2013).

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