Diah Ariani Arimbi

Two years after completing undergraduate study at Universitas Airlangga in 1997, Diah pursued a masters program in University of Northern Iowa. In 2006, she attended a doctoral program in New South Wales. Diah has two areas of expertise, namely cultural studies, and women and gender studies. Diah considers women and gender studies very important, because basically Indonesian society is still highly patriarchal, and women are still considered the second sex in many ways, so that gender injustice still exists in Indonesia. She has been conducting a number of studies in gender. Three of her 24 studies have been published: “Women and the Politics of Piety: Women’s Right, Roles and Equality in Tarbiyah Movement in Indonesia” (2015), “Rethinking Indonesianess in Indonesian Teen Magazines in the New Millennium” (2015), and “Finding Feminist Literary Reading: Portrayals of Women in the 1920s Indonesian Literary Writings” (2014). The faculty member, teaching youth subculture, conducted community service namely “Pelatihan Literasi Media dalam Proses Pembelajaran” under the scheme of BOPTN UNAIR in 2014. In addition to teaching, research and professional service, Diah has also participated in international conferences.

The last 3 international conferences she attended were ICAS in 2015 in Adelaide Australia, March 2016 in Leiden Netherlands, and August 2016 in Calgary and Victoria Canada. The faculty member, idolizing Kartini, has been an active member of some associations such as Indonesian Literature Scholars Association (HISKI), Asian Association of Women’s Studies (AAWS), Women Scholars Network (WSN), and International Association of the History of Religion (IAHR). Amidst her teaching activities, Diah has written some book chapters including “Masih Tentang Orientalisme Barat dalam Produk Populer Hollywood” in Transformasi Industri Media dan Komunikasi di Indonesia, and “Pendekatan Semiotik dalam Membaca Kecantikan Perempuan dalam Cover Depan Majalah Cosmogirl! Indonesia” in Telaah-telaah Wacana, Bahasa dan Penerjemahan publishedby UIN Sunan Kalijaga Press. (*)



Place and Date of Birth :

Email :

diaharimbi@yahoo.com diaharimbi@yahoo.com

Phone :

+62 81332908040

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Study at Universitas Airlangga
  2. Masters Program at University of Northern Iowa
  3. Doctoral Program at University of New South Wales
Courses taught :
  1. Advanced Theory of Literature
  2. Gender, Literature and Culture
  3. Independent Studies on Literature
  4. Theory of Contemporary Cultural studies
  5. Celebrity Culture (International Class)
  6. Youth Subculture
  7. Gender Theory and Sexuality
Research Interests :
  1. Literature and Cultural Studies
  2. Women and Gender Studies
Association Mmbership:
  1. Indonesian Literature Scholars Association (HIKSI)
  2. Asian Association of Women’s Studies (AAWS)
  3. Women Scholars Network (WSN)
  4. International Association of the History of Religion (IAHR)

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