Deny Arnos Kwary

Deny finished his undergraduate study at Universitas Airlangga in 1996. In 2002 he completed his masters program at Universitas Indonesia. Later, he earned a doctor of philosophy (PhD) from Aarhus University, Denmark (research exchange collaboration with an integrated research center at University of Birmingham, the UK) in 2010. It was there during his doctoral study that he began to have an interest in “dictionary” as he often found his thesis advisor reading dictionary. Deny finally decided to learn more about lexicography (compilation and research of dictionary). The faculty member, teaching Business Communication Course, has conducted many studies since 2006. At least 39 of his studies have been published in national and international journals, including “The Evolution of Dictionaries of Economics: from a Glossary to a Lexicographical Information System” (2014), and “Review of Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English” (2014). Deny is a frequent speaker at international conferences in and outside the country. For instance, he presented his article “The Indonesian Frequency Dictionary: A corpus-based database for Indonesian language research” in the 3rd International Conference in Corpus Studies in Jakarta in 2015.

In the midst of his activity, he has also conducted community services, such as “The right corpus design for Indonesia,” self-funded, in 2015. Deny is an active member in a number of associations such as Directory of Linguists, TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia), Global Electronic Member, TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), LSA (Linguistic Society of America), and Global CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). Deny has also written several books and book chapters, namely Lexicography and Dictionaries in the Information Age published by Airlangga University Press in 2013, Language Phenomena in Urban Society published by Airlangga University Press in 2014, and ”The lexicography of Indonesian/Malay” in P. Hanks & G-M de Schryver (eds.) Springer Verlag” published in 2015. In his career, Deny has received two prestigious awards as an outstanding lecturer in 2013 and Brand ambassador of Casio Electronic Dictionaries in 2014.


Place and Date of Birth :

Email : / deny@

Phone :

+62 87852333341

Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Study at Universitas Airlangga,
  2. Masters Program at Universitas Indonesia
  3. Doctoral Program at Aarhus University, Denmark
Research Fields :
  1. Lexicography
  2. Corpus linguistics
  3. General Linguistics

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