Bagong Suyanto

Bagong Suyanto was born in Nganjuk on September 6, 1966. Completing his undergraduate to doctoral study at Universitas Airlangga, he was majoring in Sociology for his undergraduate study in 1988. In 1999, he finished his master degree in social sciences. He is an expert at the Department of Sociology, specializing in sociology of poverty, human rights violations against children, and economic sociology. Ever since becoming a lecturer in 1988, he has begun teaching on the subject of Discrepancy and Poverty. Some of his papers that have been published include “Kemiskinan dan Kebijakan Pembangunan”, “Perangkap Kemiskinan: Problem dan Strategi Pengentasannya dalam Pembangunan Desa”, “Perkembangan Mega Urban, Urbanisasi Berlebih dan Kemiskinan di Perkotaan”, and some others which are widely published in several prestigious scientific journals. Bagong began to pursue his passion in human rights violations against children after he joined the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). While in UNICEF, he reviewed many violations against children, such as physical and verbal violence, sexual abuse, children trafficking, and victims of trafficking.

He has completed many researches regarding human rights violations against children. One of them is “Eksploitasi dan Bahaya Mengancam Pekerja Anak: Studi Kualitatif Tentang Pekerja Anak di Sektor Berbahaya di Jawa Timur”. Thanks to the knowledge that he elaborated, he used to be a member of the Expert Council of East Java province in poverty issues during the reign of Governor Imam Utomo. At that time, he served as an advisor on issues of poverty and discrepancy in East Java. In addition, since 2011 he has been an active member in the provincial Board of Education. Economic sociology is his newest subject that he has occupied in the past ten years. Economic sociology extensively covers development of post-industrial society in terms of its consumption. In these disciplines, Bagong conducts many researches on the economic behavior of society in terms of social sciences. Born in Nganjuk, he is still active in a number of associations namely the Association of All Indonesian Studies (APSSI), and the Institute of Sociology of Indonesia (ISI).



Place and Date of Birth :

Nganjuk, 6 September 1966

Email :

Phone :


Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Program, Universitas Airlangga
  2. Master Program, Universitas Airlangga
  3. Doctoral Program, Universitas Airlangga
Courses Taught: :
  1. Political Sociology
  2. Poverty and Discrepancy Problems
  3. Economic Sociology
  4. Children Social Issues
  5. Social Problems and Criminal Issues
  6. Poverty, Discrepancy, and Justice
  7. Urbanization and Megapolitan Development
  8. Readings on Cultural Problems
  9. Contemporary Social Theory
Association Membership:
  1. Indonesian Studies Program Association (APSSI)
  2. Indonesian Sociological Association (ISI)

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