Ah. Yusuf

There are three areas in nursing science: The basic management science, gerontic community and family nursing, and clinical nursing. At present, there are many experts in the field of physical illness. Yet, problems in the area of psychiatry is actually no less important to be studied. Some people suffer from mental disorders and emotional disorders such as frustrattion, lazyness, depression, all of which need to be addressed. Every human being has a soul, but its disorders are not always detected. This inspired Yusuf to study the field of psychiatric nursing, which belongs to clinical nursing science. Yusuf has been active in research. Some of his studies include “Effect of family therapy to the change of family attitudes in accepting schizophrenia clients,” conducted at the psychiatric hospital RSJ Menur Surabaya in 2008, and “The Effect of Motivation toward the Changes in Nurses Attitudes in Caring for Mentally ill Patients in Menur” in 2003.

In addition to serving as Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Nursing UNAIR, Yusuf also serves as Member of Expert Council of Mental Health Nurses Association (IPKJI) East Java and Member of Test Division of the Provincial Health Workers (MTKP) East Java. In the period of 2010 – 2015, Yusuf served as the Chair of PPNI (Indonesian National Nurses Association) East Java Province. The Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Nursing UNAIR is a frequent speaker in international conferences including the ones in Hat Yai Thailand, Flinders University in Australia, and Avans University of Applied Science Netherlands. Yusuf was also a keynote speaker at an international conference in Singapore. Teaching Mental Health Nursing and Advanced Psychiatric and Community Nursing courses, Yusuf has published dozens of scientific papers, appearing in national and international journals. Two of them are “Peningkatan Coping Keluarga dalam Merawat Pasien Gangguan Jiwa melalui Terapi Spiritual Direction, Obedience, dan Acceptance (DOA)” in 2012 and “Spiritual Approach in Family Therapy and Family Coping Patient Mental Disorder” in 2014. Amidst his busy schedule, Yusuf has also written two books: Textbook of Mental Health Nursing published by Salemba Medika Jakarta (2015), and Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Spiritual to be published in 2017.


Place and Date of Birth :

Mojokerto, 1 January 1967

Email :

yusuf_fkp_unair@yahoo. co.id

Phone :

+62 31 5913752, 5913754, 5913756 / +62 8123298571

Educational Background :
  1. Nursing Academy at Islamic Hospital Surabaya
  2. Undergraduate Study in Nursing Science at Universitas Padjajaran Bandung
  3. Masters Program in Community Mental Health, at Universitas Airlangga
  4. Doctoral Program in Medical Science at Universitas Airlangga
Research Fields :
  1. Mental Health Nursing
  2. Spiritual Direction, Obedience, and
  3. Acceptance (DOA) Therapy
Association Membership :
  1. Chair of PPNI Surabaya City Indonesia Mental Health Nurses Association (IPKJI)
  2. East Java Member of Certification and Competency Measurement of Provincial Health Workers Assembly (MTKP)
  3. East Java Member of Test Division of Provincial Health Workers Assembly (MTKP)
  4. East Java Member of Expert Council of Mental Health Nurses Association (IPKJI) East Java
Books :
  1. Buku Ajar Keperawatan Kesehatan Jiwa – Salemba Medika, Jakarta (2015)

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