Agoes Soegianto

Agoes Soegianto is a Professor of Biology at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga who has a number of scientific papers. These include the ones published by Scopus indexed international scientific journals. He is often appointed as a reviewer of national and international journals whose authors come from various countries. He supports and encourages lecturers in Indonesia, especially in Universitas Airlangga, to contribute and submit their papers to reliable and reputable international journals. He also believes that such publications are significant contributions to the university to compete with other universities. Another fact about his expertise with so many of his scientific work is that he is recorded as an expert in ecotoxicology, concerned with understanding the mechanisms of toxic effects, as well as the resulting chemicals on living tissues or organisms. In simple words, ecotoxicology is a study of connections between toxicology and environment. This will include how behavior of pollutants (toxins) existing in the environment affect living organisms. This science underlies environmental management activities. Many of his studies are applied for consideration in policy making, especially those with regard to the environment. Here are some of them: Pembuangan Ilmu Lingkungan, Sarana Menuju Masyarakat Berkelanjutan in 2005 and Eksplorasi dan Produksi Migas Lepas Pantai: Dampak Ekologis dan Penanganannya in 2005.

He once studied Lapindo muds, for example, in terms of considering their disposal to avoid pollution and damages to the surrounding environment. His contribution on environmental studies is an undoubted achievement. He is frequently assigned as consultant in several renowned companies such as the oil company of Amerada Hess Ltd, Lapindo Inc., Petro Java Inc., Petro China, Premier Oil Ltd., Pertamina, Copper Smelter Mitsubishi Japan, Copper Smelter Freeport Indonesia, Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama, Semen Gresik Tuban, and many others. Such attainment achieved by this scientist from Surabaya could not be separated from his academic journey. This alumnus of Institut Pertanian Bogor admitted that he initially had an interest in the study of aquatic resources. His passion as an environmentalist was then carried on until he completed his master and doctoral studies in Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III) Marseille, France where he learned a lot about marine biology, molecular biology, environmental studies, and so on. (*)



Place and Date of Birth :

Surabaya, 3 August 1962

Email :


Phone :


Educational Background :
  1. Undergraduate Program, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia
  2. Master Program, Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III) Marseille France
  3. Doctoral Program, Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III) Marseille France
Courses Taught:
  1. Ecotoxicology
  2. Aquatic Ecology
  3. Physiological Adaptation
  4. Aquatic Animal Physiology
  5. Environmental Pollution
  6. Environmental Science
  7. Coastal and Marine Ecology
Research Areas :
  1. Ecotoxicology
Association Membership:
  1. Indonesian Biological Society
  2. Indonesian Aquaculture Society
Books :
  1. Ekologi Kuantitatif, Metode Analisis Populasi dan Komunitas (1994)
  2. Metode Pendugaan Pencemaran Air dengan Indikator Biologis (2004)

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